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Be on the Winning Side and Earn BIG!

Are you a social media influencer that also happens to have a passion for sports? Use your online popularity to make more money. Our affiliate marketing program offers an ideal platform as a reliable source to monetize your popularity.

Must be 21 or older.

Our Affiliate Marketing Program

AlgaVision’s affiliate marketing program offers content creators, publishers, vloggers, and other internet sensations who are looking to monetize their online presence a consistent and tested way to earn extra money. It is easy to follow and has a reasonable commission rate.

As an affiliate, you promote us to your social media followers and community by distributing your special affiliate links and promotional coupons. You will receive a commission for each new client who registers with us using your link. It’s that easy!

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What You Get as AlgaVision Affiliate

As an affiliate, your objective is to create content that recommends us to your followers on social media. You will receive a commission for every new customer who uses your exclusive tracking links or coupon codes to sign up for a subscription. We pay a $20 commission on the first renewal of each new subscriber and a 5% commission on each subsequent renewal.

Make Money Off Your Popularity

To become a part of our affiliate marketing program, you must first be an AlgaVision subscriber. After signing up, or if you are already one of our customers, log into your subscriber dashboard and you can create an affiliate account from there.

Your own discount codes and tracking links will be created once your account has been approved, and you can then distribute them to your followers. You will receive a commission when new customers subscribe to us using your links or promotional codes.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to become an AlgaVision affiliate and start earning extra money!.

Must be 21 or older.

A Win-Win Situation for AlgaVision and You

Whether you are an online content creator or a social media influencer seeking to make a profit out of your online presence, affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money. AlgaVision’s affiliate marketing program is easy to get started with and offers a competitive commission rate. Plus, you’ll be helping us grow our business while you earn money.

Monetize your online popularity through AlgaVision’s affiliate marketing program. While you help us expand our growth and reach a wider audience, you get a commission for marketing us. It’s a win-win!